How to join, Membership and Meeting Costs

Membership of Chatswood Early Risers Toastmasters Club is a cost effective way to develop your public speaking and leadership skills.

  • The cost of joining the Club is as follows:
    a once-off new member fee of $32
  • half yearly membership fee of $78. This amount is calculated on a sliding scale, depending on which month you join. See the details in the table below
  • at in person meetings at the Dougherty Centre, a meeting room hire fee of $4 per person .  This fee is not charged for the first 3 visits

New Member Fee

All new members pay a once-off fee of $32 which is payable to Toastmasters International at the time of registering membership. However, if you have previously been a member of Toastmasters International, you do not have to pay this fee again.


Membership gives online access to the Pathways education program, plus a variety of additional useful resources related to communication and leadership development.

Month Joined New Member Fee Membership Fee Total Paid Until
Nov-22 $32 $65 $97 Mar-23
Dec-22 $32 $52 $84 Mar-23
Jan-23 $32 $39 $71 Mar-23
Feb-23 $32 $104 $136 Sep-23
Mar-23 $32 $91 $123 Sep-23
Apr-23 $32 $78 $110 Sep-23
May-23 $32 $65 $97 Sep-23
Jun-23 $32 $52 $84 Sep-23
Jul-23 $32 $39 $71 Sep-23
Aug-23 $32 $104 $136 Mar-24
Sep-23 $32 $91 $123 Mar-24
Oct-23 $32 $78 $110 Mar-24

Semi Annual Fees for all members

All members renew their membership in March and September. Currently the amount is $78 for each period but this amount is subject to significant fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The Vice President Membership (VPM) can answer your queries and help you join Chatswood Early Risers.


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