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September, 2022 to February, 2023 Update

Chatswood Early Riser members challenged themselves to participate in four big contests organized by them during this period as they were so keen to challenge and learn from each other and themselves. So there you go.

First face to face contest after pandemic on 27th Sep, 2022

The first one was the Table topic contest which was held on 27 September at their Chatswood venue. The purpose of the Table Topics Speech Contest was to provide an opportunity to learn by observing the more proficient speakers who have benefited from their Toastmasters training, and to recognize the best as an encouragement to all.

They had 7 participants who dared to showcase their impromptu speaking skills to all.

The table topic question that was given to all was Which place would you like to live in your life?

And the winners are!

1st Colin, 2nd Deeksha and 3rd Patrick

After Table topic contest
(R-L) Colin, Deeksha, Patrick and Brian
27th Sep, 2022

Next big event for Chatswood Early Risers was held on 11th Oct, 2022

The second contest was on the Humorous speech which was held on 11 October. There were seven contestants and the majority of whom were new members. This showcases the level of enthusiasm and the talent our members bring to the Toastmaster’s table.

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Colin, 2nd Ming-Lok, 3rd Patrick

After the Humorous contest
(R-L) Patrick, Colin, Ming-Lok
11th Oct, 2022

  Both the contests were well organized, and the executive team ensured that all the rules must be followed while the contest was in action. The arrangement and support from the entire team made the busy day go on so effortlessly and with flair. Big Shout out to all the members involved for organizing these contests.

All the participants after the contest, 11th Oct, 2022

Fabulous news on Melbourne Cup Day – 1st Nov, 2022

Love the happy faces! The reason?

Award and certificate presentation by Merinda Air, Divisional Director of Hawkesburry Division for:

Long time Club members for their outstanding and continuing contribution and support – Julie and Estelle – you are amazing!

President Distinguished Club Award to Chatswood EarlyRisers Toastmasters Club – Represented by Club President (Verica) and VPE (Jan)

Congratulations and well done to 2021/22 Executive Committee and Club members!

Needless to mention the whole team in the classy dresses for Melbourne Cup Day as you see in the picture below.

Marvellous job!

(R-L) Julie, Merinda, Colin, Verica, Ian, Pragya, Janet
1st Nov, 2022

Another big Humorous speech and Table topic area contest, 24th Nov, 2022

Meet our bravest participants in Humorous speech and Table topics area contest organised Online by Chatswood Early Risers Toastmasters on 24 November, 2022.

Certainly delivering the humour through online and doing impromptu speech within 1-2 minutes is not a thing for the faint – hearted ones .

Humorous speech winners: Emily (CCTM club), Christine (LCTM club) and Pat (CER club)

Winners for Humorous speech
24th Nov, 2022

The contestants: Pat (CER club), Victor(CCTM club), Colin (CER club), John (HHH club), Christine (LCTM club), Thomas (CCTM club) , Emily (CCTM club).

Contestants for Humorous speech
24th Nov, 2022

Table Topics Winners: Christine (LCTM club), Jane (HHH club), John (CCTM club)

Table topic winners
24th Nov, 2022

-The contestants: Colin (CER club), Deeksha (CER club), Jane (HHH club), Scott (LCTM club), Christine (LCTM club), John (HHH club).

Contestants for Table topic
24th Nov, 2022

Let’s Double Applause to all the placegetters . Well done.

Thanks to all the members who put their hands up for the roles that need to be done during the contest – Judges, Chair, Toastmasters, hosts, timers, counters, sergeants.

You are the rocks.

Have not finished a debate yet, for 2022?

Last big one for the year was on 13th Dec.

Hot debate between the potent debaters on the trendy topic “Should working from home be banned? took place on 13th December, 2022 at our last meeting of this year.

Guess which team got the first place and who won the YAK YAK award?

Congratulations to the first placegetter Team – Pragya, Pat and Anthony who were uber persuasive and on point.

A team on the right hand side is a winner of the contest: (R-L) Anthony, Pragya, Patrick
Verica with a Yak Yak award on hand is on the left with (R-L) Amanda, Brian
13th Dec, 2022

Congratulations to our Yak Yak winner Verica on your super dooper debate speech and her teammates Brian and Amanda.

We are growing in 2023.

What a start of a year – 2023! New members, new visitors, new goals and dreams…

One of example of these was ice breaker speech done by new member ieng, who delivered entertaining, intriguing and informative speech on 7th of Feb. Well done, ieng!

07th Feb, 2023

Another example is that Sagar who is an enthusiastic potential member and won the first place to deserve our proud Yak Yak award.

07th Feb, 2023

Who knew first time visitor would win the Yak Yak award on his first day at the meeting! Yeah he did it. Inspiring!

If you have some kind of new goals in mind in regards to a public speech, leadership and more, don’t forget to come in and say Hi in person at our meeting next time.

See you in the room.

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