Mentoring Program

Exciting news!!!

We are very happy to announce that we have just lanched the mentoring program for 2021.

This program will be available to those members who need that extra support. Particularly, this will be helpful for new members to help them get settled into the Toastmasters journey.

Please note our existing informal system of 360 feedback during our coffee session will remain in place for those who prefer a more rounded guidance/feedback. 

The Mentorship Program is completely voluntary.
Mentoring is a two way learning experience, and this is a great opportunity for us to grow and develop mentoring skills while helping a fellow member achieve their goals.

The program covers mentoring for new members and existing members. We have internal mentoring working group which looks after this program for the club. Once you have signed up to be a member, we will tell you more about this if you are interested to embark on the journey as part of your Pathway learning experience.

Refer to link below for more info.

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