What is Toastmasters

Introducing Toastmasters

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Toastmasters.

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is a training and educational organisation which teaches its members communication, leadership, training and management skills, and builds their self-confidence through enhancing public speaking skills. It is the largest and most successful organisation of its type in the world.

How long has Toastmasters been around?

Toastmasters International was founded in 1924 and now has over 12,500 Clubs in over 100 countries around the world. There are around 600 Clubs in Australia, with more than 250 of them being in NSW or the ACT. As a Toastmaster you will be welcome in any of these Clubs.

Why do people join Toastmasters?

People join Toastmasters in order to:

  • Develop the public speaking skills to persuade and convince others
  • Learn to put their ideas across clearly and with conviction
  • Improve their self-confidence before a group of people
  • Learn to think quickly and clearly under pressure
  • Learn to listen effectively and critically
  • Learn to supportively evaluate someone else’s presentation
  • Train to become a good leader
  • Socialise with like minded people

What specifically will you learn to do as a Toastmaster?

In a Toastmasters Club you will learn, by doing,

  • How to give an impromptu speech
  • How to give a prepared speech
  • How to evaluate what you hear
  • How to introduce speakers
  • How to chair and run meetings
  • All these skills will help you develop self-confidence.

How do you learn these skills?

When you join a Toastmasters Club you receive a complete training kit covering all aspects of speaking and evaluation. This kit includes a Communication manual. This manual reflects the years of experience Toastmasters has in helping people just like you. It takes you step by step through the art of making and evaluating speeches. In particular you learn by doing with your efforts evaluated by your fellow Club members. You will be gradually introduced to the various roles within a Toastmasters meeting. Gaining proficiency in these helps build up your skills.

How soon will you be an expert?

People all progress at their own pace. Some move faster than others but everyone that joins Toastmasters and participates in the program can be sure they will become a competent speaker. Your skills develop gradually. As you proceed you will find that situations that once terrified you, now hold no fears for you.

Is it expensive?

No. In fact in comparison to various courses, seminars, programs, CD and DVD kits offered through the media, Toastmasters is the least expensive and in our opinion the most effective way to learn public speaking and to develop confidence and self-esteem. There is a $4.00 weekly room charge and

Who can join Toastmasters?

Anyone over the age of 18 years may join Toastmasters.

Why join Chatswood Early Risers?

Chatswood Early risers is an award winning club. We have compact, but packed  70 minute meetings for those with busy schedules and is once a week before work. We have a great mix of people from all around the world aged 18 – 70, students, professionals and retired always makes for an interesting meeting.

Our #Wowfactor

How can I find out more about Toastmasters or the Club?

Having browsed this website, the next step is to visit one of our meetings to observe the program in action. This will help you find out the type of commitment involved in joining our Club and whether the program will meet your needs. At the end of the meeting, you will be given an information package to take home and study.

What is involved in visiting Chatswood Early Riser Toastmasters Club?

Please be at the Club by 7.05 a.m. for a 7.15 a.m. start and expect meetings to finish at 8.25 and after which you may choose to socialise with Club members at the Blend Café next door (for face to face meeting) or online (for Zoom online meeting) before get to work. You don’t need to ask for anyone in particular, as you will be made welcome by all you see. The dress is casual or formal. You do not need to prepare anything and will not be asked to participate. You can visit up to 3 times without any obligation to join. It is preferable to contact one of our Club officers if you intend coming to a meeting, but this is not a necessity. You can be assured that you will be made to feel welcome by friendly people. There are no charges for visitors.

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