We will meet via Zoom online in the whole of January 2022.  First meeting is on Tuesday, 18th January.

First Face To Face meeting will be on Tuesday, 8th February.

For the mean time, this is an opportunity for you to push your public speaking skills to a new level in online environment.

Registration and Contacts


Face To Face Onsite Meeting Venue:

The Dougherty Community Centre is conveniently located near the railway station (three minutes walk).

A car park is available with free parking until 9 am.


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Meet at the Annex Room behind child care

Our meeting room will be in the annex room in Dougherty Centre when we meet face to face on 8th February 2022.

This room is behind the child care, that is when we walk to our right from the parking instead of going left to the main entrance, entrance to annex is almost diagonally opposite to Blend Cafe entrance.

Please see pictures attached below.

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